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Surf N Turf

Fish and seafood
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Surf N Turf is all about fresh food and customer experience taken to the highest levels. Our attention to detail is rivalled by our never-ending research for perfection and originality. We go to great lengths to source only the finest fresh food, which coupled with a great selection of wines delivers the utmost experience to our patrons. It is precisely this continuous drive for improvement that led to the creation of Surf N Turf.

Surf N Turf is the embodiment of a dream that Chef Kerstin Manicolo had been pondering for a long time. A place where he would be free to experiment with different foods and presentations without any limitations to his creativity and where he could deliver unique signature specials that would make every visit to Surf N Turf a unique experience, leaving patrons looking forward to their next visit.

Chef Manicolo has delighted the taste buds of thousands of patrons in some of the best local restaurants, including the Hilton as well as onboard superyachts internationally; therefore he was sure he could deliver an exceptional culinary experience having owned other restaurants in the past.

Yet a good chef is only half of the equation, he knew that to deliver the experience he had in mind he needed an exceptional front of house. This, was when he approached Joshua Borg, award-winning sommelier and front of house management expert to partner with him and share his dream and the success it would bring with it. Joshua managed the front of house of top venues including the Hilton. With their combined expertise, in less than two years Surf N Turf has been awarded an array of prestigious awards including the WRMC 2018 Top  Maltese Chef Award and WRMC 2018 Top Front of House Manager Award. In its history, WRMC had never awarded these two awards to the same outlet in the same year. This stands to show the experience that Surf N Turf brings with it.

Surf N Turf delivers an unforgettable experience through the impressive food and service that are consistent throughout the year. Owners Kerstin and Joshua transmit their love and dedication into the soul of Surf N Turf, and this shows in the way our patrons refer us to their friends and family. Join our family and experience Surf N Turf.


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Triq L-Imhar, St. Paul's Bay

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